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What is the Everglades like in the Dry Season?

Everglades Brings the Best During Dry Season Months

The Everglades is always thought of as a wet world of natural wonder year round, but as the seasons change up North they change in the Deep South as well. Fall and Winter is our dry season where the daily rains relent and long stretches of time go by with little or no rainfall. The swamp lands literally shrink down in size and this makes for some very interesting investigation here at Everglades Adventure.

December to April is one of the very best times to visit and enjoy all that the Everglades has to offer in terms of nature to be seen and enjoyed with temperatures in the 70’s and fewer mosquitoes than in the heavy rainy season. As the swamps start to dry up they actually turn landscapes into completely different areas. The sawgrass marshes turn into sawgrass prairies that can be traversed by foot and not in air boats. You will also be able to see the exposed bald cypress buttresses. The smaller pools also mean that wildlife is huddled around ponds and lakes that are much smaller than in the Summer months. Alligators, wading birds, turtles and rodents vai for time in the water at this time and you can often see quite a few animals all at once in these hidden corners. The birds that fly South every winter find homes in the Everglades so you will see massive flocks of migrating birds and bird lovers will find ample opportunities for great photography.

Alligator holes never dry up during this time period. The gators carve out a place in the marshes pushing the muck around and creating spaces between the limestone rocks called alligator holes. The alligators use this to their benefit by hunting the wildlife that is drawn to the water hole during drought times. Time spent here is time well spent as all the creatures of the Glades find their way to water during dry season.

Enjoy with us this great time to view the nature of the Florida Everglades and don’t forget to bring your camera and sense of adventure!