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Everglades National Park Celebrates 70th Birthday

Everglades National Park Celebrates 70th Birthday

Now here’s a reason to celebrate! 70 years ago, Everglades National Park was established by President Harry S. Truman. On December 6, 1947, President Truman spoke the following words in relation to the opening of the brand new National Park.

“Here are no lofty peaks seeking the sky, no mighty glaciers or rushing streams wearing away the uplifted land. Here is land, tranquil in its quiet beauty, serving not as the source of water, but as the last receiver of it. To its natural abundance we owe the spectacular plant and animal life that distinguishes this place from all others in our country.”

This month, Everglades National Park celebrates its 70th anniversary.

About thirty years before Everglades National Park was established, the National Parks System was created. In the mid-1800s American expansion threatened to degrade the stunning landscapes that spread across the Nation. When President Theodore Roosevelt took office in the early 1900s, the National Park System was developed. Roosevelt named 18 national “natural” monuments by the end of his term which also became national parks. The National Park System was officially established and recognized in 1916.

The Florida Everglades joined the list of beloved National Parks in 1947 after political controversy and disagreement in South Florida. Environmental activist Marjory Stoneman Douglas published “The River of Grass” the same year. This book is credited with securing the area for preservation, along with efforts from many other area activists.

December is always wonderful time to enjoy Everglades National Park. December marks the beginning of the dry season when the average highs are in the upper 70’s (instead of topping 100 degrees!), humidity is at its lowest along with the number of biting mosquitoes and flies, and wildlife of all kinds is at its most visible due in large part to the receding waters.

At Everglades Adventure, we encourage you to get out and explore the Everglades area. Our guides are waiting to celebrate with you.