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What are some of the different kinds of snakes in the Everglades

Spectacular Snakes of the Glades


Many don’t care for snakes, BUT, they are an integral part of the ecosystem of the Everglades and we’d like to familiarize you with the different species we may come across during our tour. It is a fascinating journey into the reptile life of the Glades, and we hope that you will come to appreciate them in their own right, even if you prefer not to get too close to them!


Though many think of Snakes as “slimy” or “creepy”, there is so much more to these creatures than what meets the eye. After all, most varieties are non-venomous and play a large role in the food chain of this vast swampland. Regardless, all snakes should be approached with caution because there are plenty of dangerous snakes out in the Glades.


Let’s start with the rattlesnake that call South Florida Home, such as the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake. Contrary to popular belief these creatures are not out to get you– in fact they do everything they can to warn you away from them. You are not their prey. Their “rattles” alert you that you are in their territory and to exercise caution and back away.


Another common, and to be honest, extremely venomous snake found in South Florida is the native Coral snake. These black, red and yellow snakes should be avoided and left undisturbed if you come across one. Most snakebites occur on the hand or arm because folks try and pick them up. These snakes are on the predator list and definitely have their place on the food chain eating rodents small and large.


Our guides are fully trained to identify a variety of snakes and are prepared to keep your tour out of harms way.


Not all of our local snakes are harmful. With over 50 different types of snakes in the State of Florida we are lucky to have these insect eaters to round out the ecosystem and keep the balance. Eastern Garter snakes, Brown Water snakes, Blue Indigos and Florida Brown snakes are indeed a staple to the Everglades and eat spiders, slugs, small frogs and insects of all kinds. Without them we would be over-run with the many insect varieties we have here. Snakes are for the most part shy and will quickly remove themselves from your area.


Don’t forget on our Interactive Animal Experience, where you can handle a number of non-venomous and safe snakes. You can’t imagine how much fun this is and also a fantastic day of learning. Don’t forget to have your photo made holding one of our 50 pound snakes, a reminder you can take home to remember that all creatures have a part in our world.