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What does alligator tail taste like?

Posted by Cristina

Everglades Adventure: Taking a bite out of Alligators—literally.

If you’re not from the South, it may seem like a foreign idea to eat Alligator meat, but believe it or not, it is considered a delicacy in certain parts of the state. Though alligators were at one point, on the national registry of endangered species, they are no longer listed and are now free for consumption.

A fillet of alligator is a staple of “southern” culture and has been a staple of the diet of many Native American tribes in the south for thousands of years.

It is said that alligator meat tastes very similar to chicken, and is served in many different variations. I personally think it has the firmness of pork and a unique flavor that is sort of a mix of chicken and fish. It may sound starnge but most of us here really like it. Some of our friends enjoy alligator ribs too. The owner of the Oyster House, where we stop for lunch on the Everglades tour, grounds the alligator meat up for meatloaf. Fried gator nuggets, alligator sushi, gator burgers and gator gumbo, are just a few more preparations that come to mind.

During your expedition into the everglades, we will stop at a local restaurant, The Oyster House, and everyone gets a complimentary delectable gator tail appetizer with your meal, if you would like to give it a taste. It’s often served with a wedge of lime.

In Southwest Florida, It is may be difficult to locate alligator meat to cook at home, but you can find it specialty shops, seafood markets like Trico off Main St. in Fort Myers Beach and some farmers markets. It is extremely easy to cook what many consider a favorite blackened alligator.  Read below or click here for a recipe.


1 pound alligator loin meat
1 1/2 tablespoons blackening seasoning
1 tablespoon cooking oil

Pound alligator until slightly flattened. Season using the blackening seasoning. Cook in hot oil for approximately 4 to 5 minutes, turning constantly after the first minute. When cooked, drain excess oil. Serve sliced.


If you are at home, or on our adventure tour, we recommend you give alligator meat a shot. You’ll never know if you like it until you try it, you are on an adventure after all!

What to wear to the Everglades in the summer

Posted by Cristina
heaving goldie

heaving goldie

What to wear for Everglades Climate in the summer time?

At Everglades Adventures, we want your Everglades tour to be enjoyable. Consider these tips when visiting the Everglades area.

From the end of May through November, the Everglades are hot and humid with temperatures at 90 degrees and humidity over 90 percent. In the afternoon, rain showers are common and often welcome to cool us off! When you visit, it is wise to wear light colored clothing (apparently, the skeeters like dark colors? That’s what we’ve heard anyway so we roll with it). Long sleeved shirts and trousers are helpful if you are very sensitive to gnats, otherwise shorts and tees are fine. We provide insect repellant as mosquitoes are more abundant this time of year. Avoid wearing colognes and hairspray as these scents can attract mosquitoes and deter away wildlife. We also advise that you bring a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays, but don’t wear a hat on the airboat because it will fly right off your head! Finally, don’t forget to use suncreen protect exposed skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays or your skin might start to look like alligator skin! Everyone can get sunburned. Even those with darker skin. Keep these tips in mind and your Everglades Adventure will be fun and memorable!


History of Airboats in the Florida Everglades

Posted by Cristina

Ever wondered where airboats came from?

Airboats, also known as fanboats, were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1905 in his Nova Scotia labs.  The first airboat dubbed the “The Ugly Duckling” was built as means of testing various engines and prop configurations. Fifteen years later, the boat was introduced to the Everglades by pilot and engineer of early American aircraft, Glenn Curtiss, to navigate the marshy areas of the Everglades. Check out more history on his contributions at  The modern version is made from aluminum and fiberglass and its design hasn’t changed much from the past.  With speeds of up to 50 MPH, airboats are now used in fishing, hunting and transportation. Of course, the locals can make them much faster for racing! At Everglades Adventure’s you can take a thrilling airboat ride as part of our tour in the Everglades.  Also included in the tour is a 40-minute nature cruise through the Estero Bay Preserve, narrated van transportation to the Everglades and a sit down lunch in Everglades City.  After lunch, you will enjoy a 40-minute swamp buggy ride through the Everglades, an interactive reptile and exotic bird exhibit where you can handle wildlife and a drive through the Everglades to view large alligators and birds.  To book an Everglades Adventure call (239) 405-2060 or book online.

1920 Curtiss "Scooter"

1920 Curtiss “Scooter”

Florida Everglades Tours

Posted by Cristina

Who loves Manatees???? We do, We do!!!! We have been seeing them on our Everglades tours lately and our tour guide,Anne, has been incorporating a stop on the tour just to see them as long as they stick around the area. She took this pic of a mom with calf and friend while on a recent tour. Anne said there was actually about a dozen there at the time. Now we don’t see this every trip and certainly not all year so this has been very special for us to see for the past couple of weeks. The other pic is of a young man having fun during the Interactive reptile exhibit. Now most folks in his position would be nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs! But he looks well at ease with this beautiful boa. Hope to see y’all out on an Everglades Adventure tour with us real soon!

Rick Discovers Mama Gator with a Nest of Eggs

Posted by Cristina

Just had to share this with y’all. Rick thought this gator was a male, but recently found him on a nest of eggs! She is a proud mama and really protective.