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Howdy, there, Everglades Adventurers! Whoo-wee.   Just a few weeks ago I was complaining because my toes were too cold to type, and this week we’ve had some unseasonable hot weather.  I actually saw some people from a place called Britain sweating today!  That is one reason I am glad I’m cold-blooded.  I never have to worry about all that bothersome sweat.  It looks awful uncomfortable.  If I need to cool down, I head to the mud hole, or deeper underwater, which is so cool and peaceful. So I just had to show you this wonderful picture that my friend Julie Poggemann from way yonder in Michigan took while she was out here last week on a full day Everglades Adventure tour with us.  I’ve told you about gossipy old Greta the Great Blue Heron. Well, not only is she crackers at keeping track of the comings and goings of all us down here in the Everglades, she is also an EXCELLENT hunter.   I know for a fact the tour group stopped next to Greta to watch her do what she does best—catch lunch!  We heard the whole van oooohing and wowwwwwing as far back as Chester’s Good Time Gator Hole.  (Not that I would hang out in a place like that, no sir.)

Thanks again, Julie, for emailing me your wonderful photograph.  If you look in the back there, you can see my brother Wader.  He wanted to make sure you knew that was him and not his twin brother Clyde. Til next time!