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Florida Everglades Tours

Not sure if she is excited about the little gator, or Gator John?

Nick with the Anaconda, wonder what the guy in the back is thinking?













Well, hello!

As you can see in the above photos, we love to get our passengers out of their comfort zone!!

We are having a big ole time out here as always, and the joke around the ecohood is that the humans on the Everglades Adventure will be so plum tired at the end of the day that they’ll be fast asleep before they even leave the glades!  We didn’t believe it, but one of the guides got proof–as you can see by the picture below of happy, zonked-out adventurers at the end of an action-packed tour.  They look like a bunch of belly-up gators on a sunny riverbank!

Greta the Great Blue Heron flew in a few minutes ago with an update on the happenings:  the osprey couple who recently moved into the fixer-upper on Bald Cypress Lane is visible from the nature drive at Turner River, and the big male gators are back on the banks—some of them 12 feet long!  They do like to let the lady gators know they are back in town around this time of year.   Last year, Carmilla the Cottonmouth had a nice turn out of hatchlings, and her boy, Gooper, came out on the side of the road to let the tourists take a look at a juvenile cottonmouth, and they had a fine time taking pictures of his surprise appearance.  He told Greta he felt like a celebrity.


Hope to see you soon!

Til then, gator friend.

This is what happens at the end of a great day in the glades: worn out adventurers!