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Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

Well howdy-do, Adventurers!

Look, you’re not even going to believe the excitement we had out here in the Everglades just a few days ago!

Our good friends from Canada and Minnesota were getting ready to attend the alligator show when suddenly, out of the blue, we noticed a big 3 ½ foot eastern diamondback rattlesnake in the side yard out at Wooten’s heading for the water!  Most people don’t know rattlesnakes are wonderful swimmers, but they are, and not at all as aggressive as folks think.  Now, that does not mean you should ever go trying to capture one or heaven forbid you try to hug one, ‘cause that ends up in bad business, let me tell you!

So it got real exciting when the professional animal handler came out and captured that rattler for the visitors and taught them all he could about the snake—they were just snappin’ pictures and ooohing and ahhhing and videoing that wildlife moment on all their shiny square thingies.   We see our rattlesnake cousins all the time and get a big kick out of them, but most humans hardly ever see one that isn’t in a cage.  It was a real special day.  You can see in the picture our Canadian friend Kim with Gator John, the handler who caught the diamondback and is also giving you guys one heck of a gator show when you come out for your Everglades adventure.

Hope to see you soon.   Man, it is wild out here, and you don’t ever know what’s gonna happen!

Til then, gator friends!