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juvenile Green Heron

Howdy there, gator friends!  Man, have I got something cool to share with you.  Check this out.  We had two sets of human mating pairs from Iowa come on the full day Everglades Adventure tour a little bit ago, and the female snapped this great photograph of one of our neighbors here and emailed it to me just this afternoon!   She said it was “snowy” up there in Iowa, and I said, “uh-huh,” even though I don’t know what she is talking about.  Maybe she means she saw Snowy, my little egret friend?  That’s the only something I know about a snowy.  So here it is, my buddy-ro Mervin the Green Heron.  He’s the one in the picture on the branch.  He is very serious when he is a-huntin’ fish, and you can tell by the look on his face that he is kinda caught off guard by having his picture made.  Broke his game a little, if you know what I’m saying.  But that’s alright because herons are magnificent wading birds that can catch a meal quick like, and he was back at it in no time.  Now this is a special picture ‘cause Mervin is a juvenile, so he’s more speckled than a mature adult green heron.  Seeing a green heron out here isn’t all that common, and a juvenile one—well, that’s downright special! I thought y’all’d enjoy a look at one of our buddies who isn’t seen much around these parts, at least not by humans.  If you come on down here, Gator D and Marlowe sure will be happy to set you up on a full day Everglades Adventure tour so you can go on a nature drive and try to find something spectacular like this.  We’d be more than happy to oblige, if we can!

Y’all take care.    Til then, gator friend!