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It's hug a python day!

How’s it hangin’, gator friends?  We sure are enjoying all you folks coming down to see us right now.  I have even heard there are one or two of you that haven’t come out to the Everglades!  Now what in tarnation would make you miss out on a thing like that?  I hope this is only a rumor, but Greta the Great Blue Heron says there are even people who live in FLORIDA who have never seen the Everglades!  Can that be?  This gator is bewildered, to be sure.

Man, oh, man you don’t want to miss out on a trip here now.  Guess who else is staying with us for the winter?  Our buddies The White Pelicans.  We just love ‘em.  We’ve got a great flock of males and females passing through, and they are hot and heavy congregating over in rushes by the airboat ride.  If you’ve never seen one, these bad boys and girls have about a 9-foot wingspan and are just as purty in flight as an angel.   I like to sit in my gator hole and watch ‘em sail in big circles over the mangroves.  Helps me think.  They’ll stay around til summer comes and then head back to the up and out.  So, if you want to see ‘em, you need to get on down here.  Oh yeah—just a reminder to pack up your fishing lines and lures when you leave your own fishin’ spot.  These pelicans scoop up little fish and crayfish and so forth, and they might accidently scoop up that left-behind line ‘cause they don’t see it, which is sure torture on ‘em.   So remember to take your hooks and lines and lures back home with ya! Gator D sent me this pick of some fun young guys on a recent Full Day Everglades Adventure Tour hanging with the snakes. Too fun!

I’m outta here.  Til next time, gator friends!