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The Roseate Strut

This pic is funny in so many ways...

Howdee-Do, Adventurers! Something fell out of the sky over the Everglades today, and it was wet and small.  Oh, yeah, RAIN!  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen that delicious concoction of hydrogen and oxygen, and we were ready for a winter shower! In ecohood news, things are about like you’d expect.  Greta the Great Blue Heron is hunting up a storm, the Egrets are also fishing like maniacs these days, and our good buddies the Roseate Spoonbills are flocking (harhar—get it?  flocking?) to our neck of the Glades to roost in the mangrove trees.  They sure make a pretty sight, their bright pink feathers against that deep ol’mangrove green.  It’s mighty preppie.  Or you could say it kinda looks like a watermelon.  Spoonbills get that pink in their feathers because of the shrimp and other tasty crustaceans they eat, like a flamingo.You know, Adventurers, that flamingos aren’t native Floridians, don’tcha?  They’re not, they’re from Africa!  We like having ‘em in Florida, but our native pink birds are the Rosies.   If you come pay us a visit, I’ll bet you’ll see some! Our guide Marlowe has been seeing so many of us alligators while out on the Full day Adventure Tour along the river bank too!

Had a chat with our guide Gator D yesterday and he said “Even on a cloudy, high-probability rain day, you can have fun in the Everglades if you have the right people who have a thirst for adventure and are ready to make the most of it no matter what! Today, I not only had such adventurers, but they were fun and attentive and even laughed at some of my jokes! Ain’t that special! I think it was quite a wonderful day and we managed to dodge the rain all day. That is pretty cool considering it was a 60% rain chance!
You gators were out in force today and I’m sure we saw several dozen in the wild. My passengers today held snakes, scorpions and alligators. Pretty good huh? I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have this job and to be able to share the Everglades with people, but today, I realized that I got the best job in the world!”  Wow, not many people can say they love their jobs, but not everybody can have a cool boss like Cristina either ;0)

Talk atcha soon, partners.  I’m off to enjoy the wet!