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Everglades Tours Alligators in the Fast lane

Why did the alligator cross the road?


Take a look at this, friends!  Here’s something folks don’t get to see every day in the Everglades—a gator on the move from one side of the river to the other!  In this case, my little buddy Allie got  snapped on camera when she was leaving her sunning spot on the Turner River to go to the shady, swampy side.  She was spotted by a group of folks from Michigan when they were on their full day Everglades Adventure tour.  She is very excited knowing that her picture’s gonna be on the interweb—not too many gators get to be famous!

Now remember I wrote last week that there was something exciting going on in the Everglades?  Well, it turns out that the news is official:  mating season is on the way!!  Of course there is a lot to do to get ready.  The male birds are watching day-to-day to see whose feathers are getting brighter and bolder, and more and more we’re seeing bigger and bigger gators start to show up in the River of Grass.  And I’m talkin’ BIG guys—almost 14 feet long!  They’re coming around to start courtin’ the females, and, between you and me, I’ve been out in my gator hole rehearsin’ my bellow.  In a few more days, I’ll have it down pat, and then I can get out in the water and start bellowing along with all the other guys.  And who knows?  Some pretty lady gator just may find me better than all them other dudes!

I’m outta here, gator friend.  See you in the Glades!