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Happy New Year, Adventurers!!

Here at Everglades Adventure, we are super happy that 2012 was the Year of the Dragon, and to say goodbye to a great year of touring the ‘glades, we’re putting up two pictures of our good friend, Kryptonite, who you can meet when you’re out on your swamp buggy tour.

Now, on to the new!  HAPPY 2013—THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE!  We just love our snake friends, and to celebrate their big year, we’re sharing some of our favorite snake pictures featuring YOU, our fearless adventures, and a few of our Good Time guides.

Enjoy, and happy new year from your friends in the swamp!

Gator Gil

goldie rainbow

goldie skin

goldie on abby

gale w lemon drop

big albino litle woman

snake wedgie

siblings w rat snakes

red rat w woman

marlowe w ana

heaving goldie

ana on rick’s neck