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Everglades Adventure guides field trip!

Howdy, there, Adventurers!

Well, the wet season has ended and we’re into the dry season now, which means that birds GALORE are showing up in our neck of the ecohood for the easy hunting of winter.  The white pelicans have come down from the north, and so have the winter snowbird humans!

Now is a great time to visit the Everglades ‘cause the humidity is low, it’s still kinda warm in the afternoon, and the swamp angels (what you call mosquitoes) are done persecuting the locals.  You better call quick ‘cause I heard the tours are booking up fast now that so much wildlife is back for viewing, and you know with Everglades Adventure that you can visit two animal sanctuaries and hold some critters, too!

Last week, my favorite people—the Everglades Adventure Crew—came down to the Big Cypress Preserve for a swamp walk to pay ol’Gator Gil a visit, and I took this photograph of them hiking in the cypress dome.   Now, you won’t have to hike in the swamp on your tour, but I think it’s mighty neat that your guides come down and learn more and more—even on their day off!  They love it here, and they can’t wait to share that love with you!

Come see me!  Til then, gator friend!