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Ochopee’s Pink Post Office!

Hello, Adventurers!

Man, have we been having a big time down here in the Everglades ecohood for the last few months of rainy season. The alligator babies started a-hatchin’ in September, so we have a lot of busy gatormoms keeping an eye on those younguns—and believe me, they never get too far away from her! And, listen, Adventurers, a word of advice: don’t go messing around with baby gators ‘cause gatormoms are real ferocious. They don’t even take a joke well, and I know that from experience!

I also thought I’d report that the kind folks in Ochopee, where the smallest Post Office in the United States is located, have gone all out and painted up that thing in the brightest pink I’ve ever seen—it looks like a roseate spoonbill! They told me they were honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but I know these folks, and that good ol’P.O. may just stay pink. Get on a full day tour, and you can come see it!

The visitors coming out with Gator D,  Anne and Marlowe sure are having a ball watching the gators taking it easy in the deep waters, and every time they bring folks out here we get to see some humans who are scared of little ol’snakes and gators get brave and take a-hold of ‘em for their Facebook pictures! We had one lady from Yorkshire, England yesterday who screwed up every bit of courage she had and jumped in that pen with Little Bitty Gertie Gator and had her picture made. “I can’t believe I did that!” she said, but she sure did.

Come on out and see us, Adventurers!