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Howdy,Adventurers! And greetings from the Everglades! Gator Gil here writing from my secret hideaway in the grasses of the great Everglades.  As I told you last time, we gators are territorial, and this spot I’m in is my favorite place in all the Everglades.  I like to come here to think and sun and look at cute girl gators from afar.  I find this a peaceful spot for keeping up with my blog as I watch the ibis flocks flap overhead and far off in the distance I can here Ms. Greta the Great Blue Heron fussing at somebody for interrupting her lunchtime hunt.   Greta the Great has a big mouth, which is good for catching fish—and it’s good for passing on the neighborhood gossip, too! She heard that the guys down at the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, which all of you explorers get to experience when you take a tour with Everglades Adventures, took out the 18 foot, 200 lb yellow-headed reticulated python a few weeks ago.  What a treat!  Like most of the animals there, she was rescued from some not-so-responsible owners and handed over to Rick when she was just a little thing—only 4 cute feet long!  Now she’s all grown up–and still growing.   I just love the way the sun sparkles on her shiny scales.  She’s the prettiest snake around, but don’t tell the others I said that.  Especially Polly Python, you know how she can be. It is mighty peaceful out here in the glades.   We’ve had quite a few visitors lately who we can hear crying from the tour van because they are so sad about going back to civilization.  I understand what they mean—I wouldn’t want to be civilized for nothing! Enjoy your day, Adventurers!  I hope to see you soon.