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Even the locals need a vacation. Book Your Floridian “Staycation”

Staycation”: a vacation spent at home or near home, doing enjoyable activities or visiting local attractions.


Millions of people from all over the nation and the world make Southwest Florida their travel destination each year. They come seeking our beautiful Florida sunshine, theme parks, warm winter weather and beautiful natural landscapes.


For those of us who work here and raise our families here, we tend to forget that we live in such an amazing area with so many great things to do. Getting caught up in a routine and not making time to do what a visitor may do in your community is bound to happen. We understand, we are busy too—but that doesn’t mean that every so often you shouldn’t get outside and experience your state like a tourist. This is when you book your ‘staycation’, and we are here to help you out.


Many Floridians rarely take the time to appreciate one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, even though it is directly in our backyard! When you take a tour with us at Everglades Adventures, you’ll allow us to take the wheel and navigate into the Florida Everglades.  Allow us to take you and your loved ones   the edge of saw grass and take you on a trip back in time, to life in Florida before housing developments and shopping centers.


Enjoy a ride in an airboat, swamp buggy and get up-close and personal encounters with wildlife by day, and relax at home as usual at night. You’ll walk away from the tour not only with amazing memories, but also with an education about the land you have made your life upon.


Next time you need an escape, a break from work or school or if you’re looking for a fun and educational activity for your family- remember Everglades Adventure.