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Are there Secret Ancient Civilizations of the Florida Everglades?

Secret Civilization in the Florida Everglades?


Many come to the Everglades for the wildlife, natural beauty and adventure, but there have been individuals who have come to truly “explore”. It was only a few years ago that two journalists came across turn of the century diagrams, hidden in the depths of a Miami museum, referencing “Pyramids in the Everglades”.


Taken aback, these journalists began scouring over every document and clue they could find that would aid them in the discovery of more information, or the pyramids themselves.


After a handful of months, the names J. Manson Valentine and L. Frank Hudson were uncovered as the Indiana Jones-like characters on a quest to document these supposed pyramids in the late 1970s. Valentine was known as “Miami’s foremost gentleman explorer” who wore a variety of hats including scientist, historian, world traveler and an expert on Atlantis, the lost city. Hudson was an eccentric Florida character who had published a number of books regarding lost shipwrecks and buried treasure. Hudson contacted Valentine with his claim that he had visited a stone pyramid structure inside of Big Cypress Swamp.


It should be noted that though Florida was home to a number of native tribes, there is no evidence of an extremely advanced civilization such as the Inca or Maya, though this what Valentine and Hudson were suggesting with their discovery.


Regardless, the journalists have recently headed deep into the Glades to explore the areas found on the papers penned by Valentine and Hudson. After exploring areas all across the Glades, they have come to the conclusion that what the explorers likely discovered were ancient shell mounds left behind by native Floridian tribes.


In the end, there is no conclusive evidence that ancient civilizations once called The Florida Everglades home, but there is also no proof that Valentine and Hudson’s paperwork is not true. As for now, only time will tell…