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Alligator Mating Season Begins in the Florida Everglades

Hey there, Adventurers!
You know, every time of year is a great time of year to visit the Everglades…well, on second thought, in summer you’d best love skeeters, too.  A lot.  But right now is one of the BEST times to visit ’cause it’s the start of our alligator mating season, and we’ve had a right good number of folks see our big bull gators a-bellowin’ and sending that glades water to dancin’ up in the air.  Our adventurers have been mighty impressed–but not as impressed as the female alligators!!

Last week we all just about fell out laughing when Ana, the green anaconda at the interactive animal exhibit, decided to get real curious about a certain opening she found.  Well, to our delight–and to the animal keeper Rick’s dismay–that opening happened to be the bottom of his shorts!!  I was bustin’ a gut so hard I thought I was going to cry right there on the floor, but I did manage to snap a photo of Ana on her big adventure through Rick’s pants!  That poor boy couldn’t do nothing but wait until she was done because you know an anaconda can’t be rushed.  Now, he’s threatened to turn me into a pair of shoes for showing y’all this picture, but I just couldn’t help myself.Come see us!