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Why should you visit the Florida Everglades?

Everglades Adventure: Why a Trip To The Everglades Will Change Your Life

There are always stories about how breathtaking the Grand Canyon is, how moving it is to stand close to Niagara Falls or how standing on top of the Empire State building is just like touching the sky. Not forgotten, but most definitely not as celebrated, the natural beauty of the Florida Everglades is one that is as awe-inspiring as a trip to the Sahara Desert or Amazon Rainforest. Looking out across the waving saw grass, into the blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, it is impossible not to feel minuscule compared to the expansive River of Grass.

Hop aboard a kayak, dune buggy or airboat to float across the shallow waters of the Glades. Mangrove islands dot the landscape, a haven for many of the creatures that call the Florida Everglades home. Look closely and watch turtles and alligators pop up to the water’s surface from time to time. Hawks, herons and anhinga’s soar above large schools of fish swimming with the current. Stick around for sunset, watch the blues and whites in the sky become a kaleidoscope of color as the sun goes down. Reds, oranges, purples and pinks blend as birds fly, frogs croak and crickets sing.

If you’re lucky enough to stay past nightfall, gaze into the sky at the thousands upon thousands of stars sprinkled across Florida’s night sky. The farther away you get from city lights, the darker the sky and the brighter the star.

When you spend a day in the Everglades, you will have experienced the conditions and terrain that the first settlers of the country experienced hundreds of years ago. The glades are a time capsule, a preservation project not just for the South Florida ecosystem, but a preserve for those looking for a little bit of soul searching and adventure. When you leave, you will never be the same.