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Why should we visit the Everglades?

Why the Everglades?

So you’re trying to decide where to spend some warm weather vacation time and just can’t seem to pinpoint that destination? Well, let us try and help you do that because we feel that it’s the Florida Everglades of course!

With 36 protected species living in the realm of the Everglades including the american crocodile, snail kite, manatee, panthers and sea turtles you are at no loss of seeing some amazing wildlife and yes, you will see alligators. Lots of alligators.

Formerly the home of the native Calusa indians, the Everglades were not only a hunting ground, but a way for these native people to traverse the State. Using what is now Everglades National Park, the first residents of south Florida would travel across the river of grass for resources, trading, and more. The Calusa empire stretched over most of present day Florida and the Everglades and it acted as a major highway in ancient times.

Our experienced guides will present the nature and wildlife you expect to see during an Everglades tour, with additional fun on a swamp buggy and airboat ride! These are the real rides that you won’t find in Orlando. Our interactive tour is truly an experience that will never be forgotten. Learn about many species of reptiles and wildlife, such as alligators, snakes and birds. The Everglades is truly the Heart of South Florida. In order to appreciate the natural beauty of our corner of the State the Glades offers you the best of the natural world! And you guessed it, don’t forget your camera, smartphone or GoPro, the Glades offers you incredible views and experiences that you will want to capture for yourself and send to your friends and family up North.

We hope we have swayed you! Join us for one of our amazingly fun and informative tours into the Everglades where you will find that warm weather adventure you crave!

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