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When is the best time to visit the Florida Everglades?

Everglades Brings the Best During Dry Season Months


Everglades National Park allows visitors to experience South Florida’s most unique ecosystems, full of diversity and wonder. A water filled wilderness with skies full of birds, toothy alligators that you don’t want to run into, lush palm trees, interwoven mangrove jungles and panthers lurking among the pinewoods are all there to seek out and admire. The best time of the year to see this spectacular biodiverse region is upon us and we at Everglades Adventure love it! What time is this, you ask? Why… it’s the DRY season!


From December until April presents some of the very best months to take a tour through the Everglades with us, because the average highs are in the upper 70’s (instead of topping 100 degrees!), humidity is at it’s lowest along with the number of biting mosquitoes and flies, and wildlife of all kinds is at it’s most visible due in large part to the receding waters. The diminished waters create a high concentration of alligators, wading birds, fish and turtles around the remaining water holes. A trip through the Glades becomes more than just a tour, during the dry season the landscape is transformed into a safari destination teeming with life. Many birds flock to the Everglades from the colder northern climates, giving bird watchers endless delights. The dry weather ensures great photography opportunities, too!


Come with us on a great dry season exploration of the vast Florida Everglades. We have lots of experience navigating these vast and mysterious ecosystems, and our tour suits every group and age range. From all of us at Everglades Adventure, have a safe, spectacular, adventure filled Fall!