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Everglades Bandits

Howdy, Adventurers! Guess what?  There are bandits in the Everglades!  And here’s a picture of one right here who was caught red-handed raiding the trash cans at the swamp buggy ride!  Look at that face, just as cute and guilty as he can be!  Word around the ecohood was that some juvenile Florida panthers had been keeping the raccoons scarce but it looks like the panthers have roamed elsewhere so the raccoons are now out and about in some of their favorite hangouts—like trash cans.

Speaking of youngsters, there are two new wild alligators who have showed up in the front pond where you get to take your airboat ride if you come out for a tour.  One is about a year old, and the other is about two years old.  I’d like to welcome these two new alligators to our neck of the swamp! If you want to come out and see some of these guys and pay us a visit, make sure you call and book your Everglades tour in advance.  We’ve heard they’re filling up mighty fast, and we’d sure hate it if you missed out!

Later, gator friends!