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The plant life diversity in the Everglades is amazing for anyone and everyone to see and learn about.

Going Green in the Everglades


Hello, Friends! We’re so glad you stopped by today to check out what’s new with Everglades Adventure! Whether this is your first time with us or you’re a seasoned explorer, when you journey with us you’re going to see and experience something extraordinary and unique every time! From dolphins to snakes, birds to alligators, we see them all, it’s a matter of where are they hiding and when is the best time to find them! Many are hiding beneath the brush and sawgrass, believe it or not the Everglades is home to some of the most diverse array of plant and flora life on the planet!


Located at the crossroads of North America and the tropical Caribbean, the Everglades National Park is home to flora and foliage from both regions. This convergence of regions provides a most colorful, dynamic landscape that supports nine distinct ecosystems within the Everglades.


Early colonial settler such as farmers and developers have left behind a trail of change from their draining of the wetlands to cultivate land for farming and living. Development of the natural Everglades habitat destroyed many plant species that once grew abundantly. Everglades National Park still harbors 39 native orchid species. Still, The Glades has fought with resilience and remains the largest pine rockland habitat in the world. There are also 164 unique plant species listed by the State of Florida as native to the Glades. Of these species, 47 are threatened (includes the Beach Creeper, Threadroot Orchid and Mountain Laurel), 113 are endangered (including Dogtooth and Clamshell Orchids, Dimpled Dogtooth Lily and Sanibel Island Lovegrass) and 4 are commercially exploited ~ including the Butterfly and Greenfly orchids.


Plants and floral life are a primary resource of the park as they each have vital roles within the Everglades ecosystems. It would be our pleasure take you on your next big adventure and teach you about these, and many other wonders of this stunning part of the world. Isn’t it time to get outdoors and explore this summer? We’re ready to help, check us out and book today with Everglades Adventure Tours!