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The Best of Times: Everglades Dry Season Fun

dry-season-picHere at Everglades Adventure, we are fascinated by the vast history and multiple habitats that co-exist in the Everglades. Whereas the most of the world has four seasons, we’re special here – we have TWO! There’s the wet season, then there’s the dry season, in which we find ourselves now. The dry season starts in late November and goes through April. It’s the time of year when cooler, drier air comes and the threat of tropical hurricanes leaves. We see the wet dry up fairly fast and the water levels around the Everglades will change from month to month.

The diverse flora and fauna of the Everglades all adapt well to these two distinct seasons, and thrive because of the balance they offer. The dry season brings in more of our feathered friends, some from thousands of miles away, who come to over-winter, nest, and expand their families. Nesting during our dry season eases the adventure of bringing new life into the world. With less water to swim in, the fish, insects and crustaceans tend to pool in smaller areas, and bird parents can find food easily to feed their newborns.

Less water also means less biting insects! This means a more enjoyable time as we cruise on a thrilling airboat ride through the sawgrass prairies, spotting the birds, alligators and snakes, and then hop aboard the swamp buggies to navigate through Cypress swamps while diving into the history of the Everglades and talk about the many animals and plants within the ecosystem. We’ll even visit with some of the natives: whitetail deer, raccoons, alligators and more!

Remember your camera and sense of adventure! See ya soon!