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Mythical Creatures of the Everglades

What reSKUNKAPE-CROSSING buythesign.comally lives in the Everglades?

Some claim that the most desolate areas of the Florida Everglades hold secrets of myth and mysticism… Some claim they have even seen “things” they cannot explain…

According to some, a slew of supernatural entities call the Florida Everglades home.

The Skunk Ape is probably the most well-known and most frequently “seen” mythical resident. It is said that this creature is related to the legendary Sasquatch/Big Foot, but is characterized by its terrible odor when it is nearby. It supposedly is approx. 7 feet tall, and yes, it is completely covered in red hair. Most accounts of its existence come from eyewitness testimony, though the local Native American tribes have claimed the existence of a similar being for centuries. On our tour you will travel to the town of Ochopee to meet some of the Gladesmen that live there and can tell about their accounts of the elusive Skunk Ape.

Not commonly sighted, but known for hundreds of years, the Ghost Ship of the Florida Everglades was first mentioned publicly in a newspaper in the early 1900’s. The tale states that the privateers were in battle when they got caught up in a current and were thrown into the Everglades, where they wandered, lost until all of the passengers had passed away and were doomed to sail the waters to pay for their sins. From time to time, this ghostly vessel can be still seen drifting quietly across the saw grass.

At Everglades Adventures, we can’t vouch for any of these supernatural figures or tall tales,  but we think they are a fun thought and a great way to keep your imagination going on our tours! We most definitely do not guarantee a sighting–but, who knows, keep a weather eye open and you may just get a taste of the paranormal when you least expect it.