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Lets go on an eco tour to the Everglades!

Exploring the Everglades Biome


If you are unfamiliar with the term Biome, it can be defined as “a major ecological community, extending over a large area and usually characterized by a dominant vegetation.” The Florida Everglades is unique because it is home two biomes that come together to create a unique ecological landscape—and we’re here to help you explore all of them!


The first biome found in the Florida everglades is Aquatic. The aquatic biome refers to the many miles of wetland swamps and marshes that are characteristic of the Glades. In reality, the Glades are a shallow, slow moving “River of Grass”. Critters that call the aquatic biome home include turtles, fish and the American Alligator.


The other biome found in the Florida Everglades is “Terrestrial.” Unique natural features rise out of the swamp and create dry land environments aside from the swamps and marshes that are inhabited by non-aquatic wildlife. Hardwood hammocks, made up of forests of flowering trees and shrubs, create shelter for creatures such as bald eagles and the endangered Florida Panther. Pineland scrub habitats also create habitable areas for non-aquatic animals.


On our tour, we will explore both the aquatic and terrestrial biomes. Travel atop the swamps and marshes on our swamp buggy and meet a few of our terrestrial critters at the wildlife encounter. Remember… the adventure is yours!