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Girls day out

Scorpion Anyone?

Hello Everglades Adventurers! Gator Gil here with the latest updates about our Everglades Tours and our Tour guides Marlowe and Gator D. This time of year is one of my favorites out in the Everglades because it’s the time of the Great Migration.  That’s right.  Our human friends from up north are coming down now to enjoy our sunshine and warm days, and we love having visitors from Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania…yesterday I even met a set of mates from Labrador, Canada!  That’s a long trip, folks.  But worth it, they said, because of all the wildlife they got to see during the Full day Adventure Tour with our guide Marlowe on their buggy ride and nature drive and, of course, the airboat!

We got some real surprising news yesterday when Greta the Great Blue Heron flew in with the latest gossip.  It seems that there is a big old crocodile who has traveled up from the south to enjoy our ecohood.  The squawk around town is that he’s been basking on the bank of the canal down by the Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk by the Fakahatchee State Preserve.  Imagine!  A crocodile this far north!  Why, it’s like having a celebrity walk through the door! Some folks think alligators and crocodiles are the same, but that’s not so one bit.  The crocs tend to grow a bit bigger, and they are really the ones who are green.  Or, greenish.  I’d say it’s more like olive drab, but I am more particular about color than most other alligators I know.  Gators are black, like charcoal. Crocodiles also have a bottom tooth that comes over their upper jaw, and we gators don’t have that.  All our teeth on our upper jaw go straight down.  We all belong to the same family, Crocodilian, but the only place in the whole world where we live together is right here in the Everglades because the water is just the right blend of salty and sweet for the both of us. I hope I get to meet him soon and give him a warm welcome.  Our tour guide Marlowe said, next time she sees him she will challenge him to an old fashioned wrastlin’ match.  Now that I gotta see! Maybe next time, adventurers, I will have a picture to show you! Speaking of Marlowe, we sure are glad to have her as part of our Everglades Adventure family, she has been a huge help helping me type up my blogs. It’s hard for me to hit the right keys on my swamputer with these big claws of mine!

Got an email from our guide, Gator D, about one of his recent trips. The subject line read: I’M STILL ALIVE…BARELY. Gator D wrote “Hey Gator Gil! It’s not everyday that I get to spend time in the Everglades with a group of refined women from New York and today was my lucky day! My boss warned me that I was in for some fun today but frankly I was not really prepared for what came my way! I was a little concerned when I saw Paula get in the Everglades tour van with high heels, a bag from Victoria Secrets, and another hand bag the size of a small suitcase and asking “will we be close to a Starbucks where we are going?”!  Boy was I happy that we did not get stuck in the swamp buggy or airboat and have to get out and push! Can you imagine? Caramel Mocha in one hand, Two HIGH HEELS in the other! How would we manage?  Oh well, I’m just funning, cause frankly, I had a blast and certainly enjoyed the diversity these ladies brought to the plate today! I totally enjoyed their company and the questions they had about this special place! It was my pleasure for sure to be in their company today, they made me laugh and the day went by too soon for me! I was impressed by the friendship these ladies shared and the camaraderie their “Literary Club” had. See ya later alligator- D” Haha! I love that guy Gator D. He’s such a ham!

Well folks, I’m gonna swim over to Turner River and meet up with some fellers there, do a little fishin’, and mess with Greta- she gets her feathers ruffled up so easy and all.