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Hi there, Everglades Adventurers! It’s been a little while since I’ve dusted off the old swamputer to give you all an update about the cool stuff we’re doing out here in the Glades because it’s been COLD!  Well, cold for out here…my toes were moving so slow I couldn’t even type!

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately even if it’s been a bit chilly.  There are a lot of us out on the banks of the Turner River these days swimming and making sure everyone knows who’s patch of the river belongs to who.  We alligators like our territory, and the many people from the Everglades Adventure tours have had a great time taking our pictures.  The day before the cold front came through, Marlowe and a family from Kentucky (hi, Aikmans!) saw about twenty-five of us out swimming and lounging and taking in the warmth from the sun.  That was a GREAT day in the Everglades! Many of our bird friends are out, too, and our buddies, the turtles, have been coming out to sit with us in the sun.  There are many anhingas out, as well as blue herons, and a lot of egrets.  The Ibises come out, too, and their legs and bills are starting to show more pinky-orange color.

Marlowe and “Gator D” Dwight have had a ball showing people from around the world all the wonders of our beautiful home.   Now is a great time of year for us to people-watch, and we’ve seen all kinds of you guys:  people from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Illinois, Michigan, and even a place called Indiana!

Well, it’s sunny here today and it’s going to be in the upper 70’s, so I’m going to head out of here and go find my favorite spot on the muddy bank.  I hope you and your family can come see us soon!

I’ll be lookin’ for ya!

Gator Gil