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Florida Everglades Tours

Howdy, Adventurers!

Hope you all are staying cool. We gators sure are. Thank goodness for the low mangrove branches where we can find some shade and cool water to sit out the heat of the day.

Now I been getting a lot of questions recently about what gators eat. I hate to disappoint you, but human beings are not on our diet! However, sometimes you guys go swimming in our rivers, and we don’t know no better, and we might bite an arm or leg ‘cause they look like big swimming fish to us. I personally ain’t never tasted a human before, but rumor has it y’all taste exactly like mudfish! No offense, but we prefer blue crabs and alligator gar, but we gators’ll eat just about anything we can get our mouths on. Turtles, raccoons, possums, small deer, dead stuff floating in the water, fish of all kinds…heck, I had a cousin tried to eat a shoe once, and wasn’t that embarrassing!

I had some human friends send me this video they got when they came out on their full day Everglades Adventure tour of my buddy Handsome (I know, how do you get a name like that?) eating his favorite meal—a blue crab! They rode up on their airboat as a crab went swimming by, and you’ll see in the video that he didn’t swim for very long. I hope you enjoy this clip—maybe you’ll get so see such exciting stuff when you come for your visit! click this link: Alligator feeds on a blue crab

We hope to see you soon.

See you later, allig8r.