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Florida Everglades Seminole Myths

owlThe Everglades and its inhabitants have used lore and myth to explain a number of natural occurrences, as well as unexplained phenomena. From “Owl-Witches” to “Long Ears”, we will let you decide which is which…

Stigini, also known as Owl Witches, are one of the more sinister monsters from Seminole folklore. Originally, these beings were evil witches that were able to transform themselves into owl-like beings. During the day, the Stigini would resemble the Seminole people, but at night, they would release their soul and prey upon the tribe as 9-foot tall “undead” owls. In some Seminole communities, speaking their name is thought to put you at risk for turning into one, so certain medicine people only tell Stigini stories. In other communities, they are been spoken of more casually as bogeymen to frighten children.

Long Ears, originally known as Hatcko-tcapko is a hairy, wolf-like monster of that is usually described as a four-footed, deer-like wolf that is the size of a donkey. With a wolf’s head, a horse’s tail and long pointed ears, Long Ears is a terrifying creature. Hatcko-tcapko is said to live in the swamps of Florida. You will know Long Ears is nearby if you suddenly smell a striking, strong, bad odor. Do not allow Long Ears to get too close… it carries diseases and will infect anyone or anything that it touches.

Now, none of our guides can vouch for the existence of either of these creatures, as we have never come into contact with either on our tour, it is always a good idea to stay alert. You never know what will be lurking around the next curve…

Image: (Stigini Totem Unearthed In Florida)