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Everglades Wildlife Etiquette

On your Everglades Adventure tour, you are sure to see all kinds of local wildlife. From butterflies to alligators, our guests should expect to encounter a few of what we like to call our “locals.” It’s all part of the Everglades Adventure experience!

Wildlife needs plenty of space: Bring a pair of binoculars or spotting scopes to get close to animals exploring the natural environment of the Everglades. All our local wildlife needs space to retreat if necessary and don’t forget to never chase an animal.

Recognize the signs of alarm: Wild animals are just that… wild. Increased movements such as flapping, pacing, tense muscle movement, staring, or vocalization may mean you are too close. If you feel like an animal is disturbed, back away. Enjoy animals in their natural environment and do not disturb their natural actions in any way.

Be respectful: The animals you see may be nesting or denning. Though you mean well, an intrusive visitor may cause animals to flee and leave their young vulnerable to elements or to predators. Be as noninvasive as possible.

Be aware of young animals: When young animals are alone, they may be sick or have their “parents” waiting nearby.

Never feed wildlife: Feeding wildlife may compromise both your safety as well as an animal’s safety. Please note, it is illegal to feed or harass wildlife.

Tread lightly: Remember, you are a guest when you visit the Everglades. Please leave no trace of your visit and do not disturb or destroy the natural beauty of the glades.

If you see something, say something: Let other park visitors know of any wildlife you have seen. Everyone visiting the Everglades wants to experience the magic of the area. Keeping others alert allows them to also respect the space of the area locals.