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Hello there, Adventurers!

Gator Gil here back at the old swamputer after a much needed vacation to visit some kinfolks in the Eastern Glades. The family is doing good. Cousin Lurlene has already laid herself a fine nest of about 50 eggs she said, and she is tending those things night and day. She says those little hatchlings should emerge in about two months, and that’s about when we should start seeing little babies in our neck of the Glades, too!

If you come out for an adventure with us, you may get to see a female gator or two guarding their nests, and if you’re thinking about coming out mid-summer, there’s a chance you might see a couple of newborns. Little gators ain’t at all like little humans—gator hatchlings start fending for themselves right away ‘cause it’s a hard start for us. Not many folks realize we’re at the bottom of the food chain when life gets going for a gator!

In other news, we’re in the rainy season, and water is a-risin! We’ve seen more Great American egrets hunting the low grass, and we have had a good ol’time watching Gator D and Marlowe hose down the visitors with extra strength mosquito spray. It does the trick, though. I think only one man from Wisconsin has been carried away into the air, but they found him the next day.

Just kiddin’.

Hope to see you soon!