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Howdy there, Adventurers!

Hope you guys are having a spectacular day—we sure are out here in the Everglades although it did get kinda cool last week, and when that happens, boy we alligators sure move slow.  Slower than frozen syrup, my mama used to say.  Now that’s slow.

You know, when we’re all laid up on the banks out there in the glades, we can hear and see you, which I didn’t realize you didn’t know!  I heard a woman say the other day that we eat all the time, and, well, that just ain’t so.  I’m a gator, and that means when I do eat, I store 60% of that energy up in my tail so I can have reserves when it gets cool.  I need warmth to digest my meals, so these winter months, well, I just don’t eat a whole lot.  By your standards, I’ll only eat a few pounds a week ‘cause I’m nine feet long and getting bigger every year.  It varies from gator to gator, though—my Uncle Bo Gator is twelve feet, and he don’t eat but about three times all winter.   It’s hard to believe, but some gators, the ones who have lots of energy stored up, can go a year without eating at all!  Now, isn’t that something?

I’m not one to brag, but we’re pretty amazing animals.   Most folks who come out here and meet us seem to think so, too, as you can see from the picture!  Hope to see you soon.

Til then, gator friend!