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Zebra Longwing - Florida State butterfly

Howdy there, Adventurers!

Life is grand down here in the Everglades, and we have been so happy to see so many visitors braving the summer months to pay us a visit. Nature abounds, and the tour groups are having a blast seeing us swimming in the Turner River and congregating for some social time. Most people don’t realize us gators are social animals, but we are. We all have our own personalities and temperaments like you folks, we’re not lazy lizards like some people believe! And boy, let me tell you, we are quick, too. We’ve been having some hefty rain storms blow in, and one biggun came down and knocked my friend Sunshine the Giant Swallowtail butterfly right to the ground. The good news is, the Everglades Adventure Tour van came along later that afternoon and found her on the road during their nature drive. All those folks got to take a good long look at that big, beautiful black and yellow butterfly and admire how much detail goes into even the smaller creatures out here.

We hope to see you soon!