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Well what’s up gator friends? We are in the thick of it out here in the Everglades—mating season for us gators is in full swing, baby bald eagles and baby ospreys are starting to pop their cute little heads up out of the nests, and some of them are even starting to test out their own wings!  When they do that, it’s called “fledging,” and soon those buggers will be out on their own catching their own lunches.

The humans out here are having a good time, too, and we snapped this photo of a mom and dad with their little offspring cuddling up with a family of ball pythons together!  You know what we say out here:  “The family that holds snakes together stays together!”  And that’s the truth, ‘cause it’s hard getting’ loose from a constrictor.  Many thanks to the Power family from Canada for lettin’ us post this nice photograph!  We sure are having a lot of fun out here right now, and I hope to see you soon!

Til then, gator friend!