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white pelicans and ibis

Rick and Lumpy

Well hello there, Adventurers! You wouldn’t believe the amazing events that are taking place out here in the Glades on a daily basis, and boy do I mean that. There is so much that needs to be done out here, like getting sun, hunting and fishing, and then sitting around the old gator hole and catching up on the ecohood happenings with our neighbors. Well you all know by now that everybody who comes out for a full day tour with Everglades Adventures gets to stop in and see our friends at the interactive animal exhibit.  They’ve got some of our older cousins out there, and three of them are in the big pen so all the visitors can see what a fat, happy gator looks like up close and personal.  If you look in the picture, you can see two of them.  Lumpy and The Other One.  Grumpy is our other cousin in there, and he’s the oldest and wisest (I mean fattest!), but he hates to have his picture made and said something unmentionable when I asked him to pose in this picture.

That’s Rick there sitting on top of ol’Lumpy, and most times people don’t know what’s wilder—Rick or The Other One! (It’s Rick, Adventurers, believe you me!)  If you come out, you can meet all of them. In the pen with our older cousins is Shelly, the yellow-bellied slider turtle.  In some parts, they call her a peninsula cooter, and when I take a mind to it, I go over there and call her “Cootie” just because it makes her mad, which I find humorous although I probably shouldn’t. We’ve been having a string of warm days, so we gators are out to see and been seen right now, and there are birds galore out here because the fishin’ is so good. I’ll write more later, promise, but now I’ve got to go fishin’ myself.  Off to my gator hole!