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Our new guide Anne!

Howdy, Adventurers!

Have we got some big news for you! The Everglades Adventure team is welcoming a brand new guide, Anne Falcone, to the Everglades family. We are so happy to see her driving the big van out here full of new people and getting them all excited about our marvelous world o’wonders.

Anne sure knows her stuff, too. She has a degree in biology and she’s certified Florida Master Naturalist! She was born up in some place called Massychooseits, so she talks funny, but I’m sure we’ll get her sayin’ y’all and darlin in no time! Anne is a great guide and Gator D and Marlowe are pretty durn excited to have another person to share their love of the Everglades. Welcome, Anne!

In glades news, we got us a mess of babies springing out all over the place, and if you come out quick as you can, you might be able to see a few on the airboat ride! They are as cute as can be and only about eight inches long. They are sticking close to mama for the time being, and she is being awfully careful with her newborns.

Come out and take a tour with Anne and see if you can catch a glimpse of our next batch of younguns!

Til then, gator friend!