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Our passengers enjoy a brief history of the Florida Everglades while out on our tours!

Posted by Cristina

Everglade Adventures: A Brief History of the Everglades

The Everglades has played a vital role in the development and growth of South Florida as a whole. If it weren’t for it’s unique ecosystem and all of the systems in place to manage it’s presence—there may not be any land for us to have settled on!The few people that lived in South Florida prior to the mitigation of the Everglades water supply lived on the highest points of the land called Florida ridges. The vast swamp of the everglades did not provide settlers to live on its soil which was much too wet.

In the first half of the 1900s, Florida was bombarded with at least two major hurricanes. These storms caused much widespread damage to south Florida residents’ lives, as a result of flooding. It was then that there was a public outcry for governmental assistance for infrastructure to better control the waters of the Glades.  In 1948, the government endorsed the Central and Southern Florida Project. This project was one unlike the world had ever seen, and extremely effective. Unfortunately, the projects extreme success meant devastation for the local ecosystem and the land itself.

Over the next 40 years, and even into today, many organizations have worked to reverse the damage caused by the Central and Southern Florida Project. These projects walk a fine balance between supplying south Florida with the water it needs, while also protecting the Everglades and all of the amazing creatures that call the area home.

It may take many more years to restore the damage done, as well as fight off future development projects—all the while maintaining south Florida as an area of great growth and even better national parks.

At Everglade Adventures we do our part to conserve and preserve this great river of grass, and we hope that after you personally experience the everglades you will also do what you can to help us maintain this great landscape for years to come. You will learn much much more about the Everglades on our day Adventure. If you are visiting Fort Myers Beach, come and spend the day with us!